Sunday, February 15, 2009

BQRH #16: "Onward" (Yes)

Dear all,

British group Yes is probably, together with ELP, Genesis and King Crimson, one of the Progressive Rock bands that defined the genre. With a career spanning 40 years, they have managed to produce some of the most beautiful melodies in rock music, played with a virtuosity few could afford.

The piece I selected from them is called "Onward", written by Chris Squire, first released on their 1978 album "Tormato", and here in a version from their 1996 "Keys To Ascension" video and album recorded live at San Luis Obispo, CA. "Keys To Ascension" marked the return of the classic lineup of the band: Jon Anderson (lead vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Chris Squire (bass), Rick Wakeman (keyboards) and Alan White (drums). This lineup's last album together had precisely been "Tormato", and this particular song had never been performed live before these 1996 shows.

To Jon Anderson, Chris Squire and Rick Wakeman, all suffering from different health conditions around these days, I dedicate this offering from BQ's Radio Hour. May all of them fully recover, so they can perform together again. Get well soon, guys!

I strongly believe in the healing power of music.....

Until next time, and God bless you all.

Onward through the night,

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