Sunday, January 25, 2009

BQRH #5: "Strawberry Fields Forever / Help! / Give Peace A Chance" (Paul McCartney)

Hiya, guys and gals!

Promises are made to be fulfilled. So, this is the surprise that I had announced during the previous delivery of this blog.

It was 1990. Paul McCartney was leading his first solo tour ever, 10 years after the demise of Wings and John Lennon's assassination, and 20 years after the Beatles' breakup. When he and his band played their concert in Liverpool, Paul chose to close the show with a tribute to John Lennon, by playing three Lennon compositions (all three credited to Lennon/McCartney, by the way). He started off with "Strawberry Fields Forever", stripped off its well known mellotron intro and favoring a more contemporary rock sound. The medley carries on with a slower tempo version of "Help!", not too different from the approach followed by Deep Purple on their 1968 cover version of that track. Finally, McCartney closes with the coda to "Give Peace A Chance", even allowing for a reprise after the crowd kept chanting the coda acapella. Very impressive!

Almost 19 years after this event, the tearjerking factor still plays a role. It must have been quite an experience to be there...

The band? Paul on piano, Robbie McIntosh on lead guitar, Chris Whitten on drums, Wix Wickens on synths, Hamish Stuart on bass guitar, and Linda McCartney on additional keyboards.

Enjoy this delivery, and keep those comments coming. And for those who complain (or just simply wonder) about the English language of this blog instead of my native tongue, please keep in mind that it is harder to write in proper Spanish with a keyboard that doesn't have those tiny slashes we put on top of vowels sometimes. Besides, English also allows me to reach a wider audience. When I get more time, I can make a parallel bilingual version of the blog, but for now, the English version will have to do.

Love to everybody, BQ

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